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Dear Mrs/Mr,
TH Siland company has been s distributor of Alma-Color products for the last 10 years on Silesia region and neighbouring voivodenships. Specialistic primer and coating paints account for significant share of our mutual sales.
Alma-Color is a producer that guarantees high and regular quality of products, but also fast and qualified technical support in field of adjusting products parameters to end-users
Best regards,
Maksymilian Kalisz

Dear Mrs./Mr.
Hereby we acknowledge, that our company distributes Alma-Color's paints and varnishes across northern Poland. Anti-corrosion products delivered by Alma-Color account for significant share in our sales. They are commonly applied as protection of steal and concrete constructions, that are exposed to industrial and seaside enviroment, and other chemically aggresive factors.
During our long-term cooperation Alma-Color products proved thei high quality and declared anti-corrosion resistance.
Best regards,
Mariusz Bolek

Dear Mrs./Mr.
Choosing Alma-Color products we expected the highest level of adhesivness and long term resistance to aggressive corrosion conditions typical for sewage-treatment plant. Alma-Color also delivered us with qualified and proffesional technical support. Thei products proved to be of a world-class resistance to aggresive corrosion conditions.

Dear Sir / Madam,
As a long-term distributor of paints and industry varnishes made by Alma-Color, we can state that those products are very popular amongst our costumers. We provide products to industrial clients all around Poland. They use it to secure steel constructions with weather-resistant, anticorrosive primers . Merchandise made by Alma-Color is high quality. Alma-Color is a trustworthy business partner that had been on the market for many years.
Best Regards,
Jerzy Stępniak.

Dear Sir / Madam,
Working with Alma-Color was very satisfying. Not only the products they provided were high quality, but also terms of cooperation were rewarding.
Alma-Color provided sigh standard of technical consulting during whole process and after sales service.

Dear Sir / Madam,
Epoxy primers and coatings, as promised, have very good grip and show perfect resistance to wide variety of chemical substances.
Besides high quality coatings, "Alma-Color" provided firs-class technical consulting.