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Symbol: 0600-441-00X


One-component pearl coating that exhibits color-changing properties. It is offered in wide range of colors. The coating creates attractive special effect on the surface. Pigments used in this products are based on transparent silicone dioxide plates synthetically produced and coated with titanium dioxide. The pigments were specifically assorted so that they change their primary color fluently into a different one depending from light incidence angle, angle of refraction and luminous intensity. The coating requires a clear topcoat.


  • direct spraying on refined ABS, PS, PC plastics
  • direct spraying on previously coated, dry, black primers
  • coating home appliances and electronic equipment
  • furniture handles and accessories
  • decorative finishing in the industry
  • decorative finishing of sport equipment: bikes, scooters, motorcycles
  • other: wherever a special effect is desired