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Symbol: 0503-750-xxx0


ALMAKOR – C is a phthalic resin based anti-corrosive primer. It is flat, dries fast, exhibits very good adhesion and mechanical abrasion resistance which make ALMAKOR – C an ideal choice for iron and steel surfaces. Combined with general usage modified alkyd enamel ALMALUX - it was classified as slow-burning material with weak smoke properties and low concentration of carbon monoxides. This primer is recommended for: farming equipment, sheet of metal, railings, fences, ornamented steel bars, gates, grilles, wrought furniture, garden adornments as well as a temporary protection against corrosion for the time of transport and storage.


As a primer on:

  • sheet metal, metal elements
  • railings, fences, handrails, ornamented steels rods
  • steel gates, wrought furniture, gratings, garden adornments
  • farming machinery elements

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