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Symbol: 0502-079-xxxx


This one-component vinyl coating provides a versatile application thanks to a special binder that guarantees very good adhesion to various types of surfaces – galvanized steel, aluminum and plaster.

ALMAKOR CYNK-AL is flexible and dries fast – it reaches good mechanical properties and full rainfall resistance in 24 hours (in 20°C) after application. This coating is designed for direct painting of metal elements, galvanized steel, aluminum, roofing, railings, gates, window-sills, troughs, roof tiles, plaster. It is also recommended for renovation of old chloro-rubber, acrylic or vinyl coatings as well as trapezoidal sheet metal.


For direct application on:

  • metal elements, galvanized, aluminum
  • roofing
  • railings, fences and other metal structures
  • windowsills, gutters, tiles, plasters

For renovation:

  • old, tacky chloro-rubber, acrylic and vinyl coatings
  • trapeze sheet panels

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