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ALMA-COLOR LTD. Has been present on the market since 1992. Our headquarters is located in Gniew (pomorskie province) – just by national road number 1 – about 60 km south of Gdańsk.


We have been gaining experience for over 25 years by actively producing and cooperating with specialists from the European chemical industry. Moreover, we conduct our own research and obtain experience in manufacturing paints and varnishes designed for industries such as: automotive, furniture, shoe as well as for specialist use.

our offer

Primers and varnishes for automotive industry: filling primers including a specialist reactive primer, clear varnishes as well as color-mixing system RAL MIX

Full bathroom furniture varnishing systems: insulators, acrylic primers, acrylic varnishes – tinted and clear.

Full systems of anti-corrosion coatings for steel, concrete, aluminum, galvanized steel. The surfaces can be protected with alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane, vinyl or epoxy products.

Specialist paints and varnishes for plastics such as: ABS, PS, PVC, PU and TR. The products are offered in the entire range of colors.

Corrective primers for plastics – covering small imperfections of the materials that occur during production processes.

Paints that conduct low-voltage electricity.